Children are the Gates to the Future

Educating children, we significantly contribute to their development and ability to find their own role in the world as free, responsible, content, and independent personalities, and to contribute to the development of the society.

Education for Independence, Creativity, and Conscious Responsibility

Consisting of a single 12-year educational process which offers more than traditional and standard knowledge, the Waldorf school stimulates comprehensive development of abilities and potentials within each individual. The class teacher, who is the core teacher of academic subjects from class 1 to 9, does not only address children's intellectual, but also emotional and practical abilities.

From Education to Self-Education

The Waldorf teacher enjoys interpersonal contacts and is enthusiastic about shaping and nourishing human relations. Therefore, sympathy for children and youth and teaching enthusiasm are the main characteristics of individuals who become Waldorf teachers. Self-reliance, flexibility, knowledge, emotional and social competences are key skills in teaching. In addition to expert knowledge, being a teacher in the 21st century also requires self-development and self-education abilities. The Academy Waldorf Maribor teacher training is focused on encouraging the above personal qualities.

Lifelong and Practical Training

Students get acquainted with the Waldorf school educational content and the profession of Waldorf teacher through practical experience. People who complete our courses are highly motivated creative individuals capable of finding individual solutions at their work at Waldorf institutions and elsewhere