Waldorf Pedagogy

Our training represents the basis for teacher education built upon premises of the anthroposophic study of man.


  • get acquainted with diverse experience-based learning methods;
  • acquire the philosophical basis for understanding the human;
  • learn about pedagogical principles which enable them to act in a self-confident and situation-specific way in both professional and private lives;
  • train observation abilities and own perception;
  • may experience intense personal growth through practicing creative representational and social arts;
  • are offered individual tutelage both in terms of pedagogical work and personality development;
  • get involved in social learning, team work, and training of public appearance and conflict resolution skills.


The purpose of Academy Waldorf Maribor Institute is to educate Waldorf teachers and conduct research, artistic and cultural activity in the field of Waldorf pedagogy and other anthroposophic social practices. Our three-year teacher training completes with a diploma, whereby participants acquire the title of Waldorf pedagogues.
We have established close links with similar training institutions in Slovenia and abroad.

Terms of Admission

We are happy to admit every individual with a completed higher education degree, regardless of field of study. Applicants are kindly invited to send in a CV and will thereupon be consulted about individual expectations.


Applications are open once every three years. In case of exceptional interest, the course may be joined after the official start of the three-year training cycle. Before deciding whether to join the training, individuals are encouraged to visit the course for a weekend.

Lecturers who are Members of the Council and Manage the Training

Stefan Herkommer – Waldorf pedagogue and lecturer.
Nada Antauer - Waldorf developmental pedagogue and Waldorf teacher.
Ana Težak Žmavc – Waldorf teacher and professor of fine arts pedagogy.

In addition, certain subjects are taught by guest lecturers from both Slovenia and abroad.


The main emphasis is on subjects such as the Study of Man, methodology and didactics of teaching, development of the child and youth, personal development, and various forms of art, such as speech formation, eurhythmy, painting, moulding, and music. The above subjects offer basic skills for teaching at a Waldorf school in general and engaging in Waldorf class teaching in particular. Special skills and methodologies (such as those related to foreign languages, handicrafts, music, physical education, etc.) are not included in the curriculum.

Experienced pedagogues who conduct our training also hold art, pedagogy, handicraft, foreign language and other workshops for children, youth, adults, elderly population, and people with particular needs.